Meet our Ninjas

Tucked away in the heart of Uptown an oasis awaits. Sabai Body Temple is an escape.

A mini vacation from your daily grind.


{ Meg }

My focus as a massage therapist is to create a relaxed, welcoming space where you can personalize your session. 
I’m passionate about a multifaceted approach to healthcare that incorporates taking care of physical, emotional, and mental well-being. I believe that bodywork can help people reconnect their mind with their body. I work with Swedish massage and Cranio Sacral techniques to soothe and heal, allowing people to take a breath in our often fast paced society.


{ Rebecca }

Ten years after finishing my original training in massage and bodywork, I feel so blessed to be here at Sabai Body Temple, doing what I love with joy and gratitude.  Within the vessel of the bodywork session, I strive to hold the space to allow you not only to unwind from the stress of modern life but to reconnect with your Core Essence from where true healing emerges.

My intention is to address your concerns or goals for your massage by creating a restful space where I am energetically fully present and focused on you while I use my knowledge, skill sets, and techniques to melt away muscle tension and unblock stuck energy.  My bodywork style is rhythmic, flowing, and intuitive.  I will find and release those sore spots, combining relaxing connective strokes with more precise and technical work addressing imbalances in the body.

I believe it is a sacred and profound act to touch the body of another and facilitate their healing process.  I am passionate about what I do and have great respect for how amazing and intelligent our bodies are.  Throughout my massage and bodywork career I’ve worked in a variety of settings – wellness centers, chiropractic offices, and hospitals – and am thrilled to bring my experience and my love for the work to the stunningly beautiful environment at Sabai Body Temple.



{ Brittany }

BrittI believe that wellness is a personal and unique journey, I am here to offer support and be and aid in that process. My journey to Sabai Body Temple began at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis, where my passion for helping others was shaped into a career.

In each session my goal is to get you as relaxed as possible to help you get to that ‘rest and digest’ stage where the body begins to repair and heal. I use a nice, slow pace allowing for focused and specific attention to the areas in need. My massage style is flowing and relaxed while working pressure points to release muscle tension and increase circulation.  The pressure will vary throughout the massage sinking deeper as the muscle tissue begins to relax and release tension. I love what I do and I am always excited to learn new skills to better serve my guests.


{ Anna }

annaMy intention with my style of bodywork is to first help you settle into your body and into your breath by slowing things down. I introduce my energy to your unique energy to create a sacred, trustworthy environment for you to relax and heal.

By incorporating pressure points based in Shiatsu and Trigger Point therapy, I ease into your areas of tension, melting away the layers of stress built up throughout the day. Connecting those points are flowing relaxation strokes based in Swedish massage which coax your mind into a state of dream-like bliss.  I am passionate about bringing holistic mind-body-spirit approach to each session and providing thoughtful home-care suggestions to work with you on your journey towards self healing.