Nice Things People Say

PoulticeJuliabeth and I thoroughly enjoyed our couples massage at Sabai Body Temple Spa.  We had the “Let’s Get Dirty Massage”.  It was a great blend of class, romance, and relaxation for my wife and me.  The ambiance, attention to detail, and desire to meet our every need was outstanding.  We left extremely relaxed and rejuvenated.  McKinzie and Anna were very professional, attentive, and well trained in their craft.  We will definitely be regulars on our trips to Minneapolis.  A definite 5 star experience! – Joe


SBT’s Purification Fusion delivers precisely what is promised. The variety of essential oils, in combination with heat from the aromatherapy towels, have on more than on occasion helped me kick a viral illness. The massage therapists deliver a great service with this treatment, and I it would urge everyone to give it try.


The Oriental Hot Stone is like heaven in a poultice! The aromatherapy alone, is enough to lift your cares away, but when applied under the expert hands of SBT’s massage therapists you will leave the spa feeling transformed. Even the most stubborn stress and tension dissolve in the moist heat in a way that I have not previously experienced. As a bonus, you can take the poultice home to reuse in the bath! -Kathryn


As a Type A, overly anxious person, I honestly thought nothing could help to alleviate the stress. I had knots in my back and consistently experienced headaches from my tight muscles. This changed after I visited SBT for the first time. Truly, after several months of maintenance at SBT, the knots began to shrink away and the stress headaches ceased to exist. Believe in the power of massage and believe that SBT will change your outlook on both your mental and physical health! The minute you walk in, you become completely relaxed. The environment is so warm and inviting. The staff are professional, friendly and so welcoming. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing the massage therapists are! They take their time, never rushing, which allows for complete relaxation and confidence that you are receiving the best care possible. SBT has set the bar for the ultimate massage experience. The only fault is that after you visit SBT once, no other spa in the world will measure up! –Kirsten
I have been going to Sabai Body Temple for a number of years for a monthly massage. I have always found the staff terrific. The greeting is pleasant and respectful. The atmosphere is calming. The massages are careful and professional. I have had massages by multiple therapists at Sabai. They each take the time to figure out what you need and give you their full attention and skill for whatever time you have scheduled. I always look forward to my next massage. –Maury

I was a guest at SBT along with a friend. We are spa aficionado’s and have been looking for the perfect spa experience. We usually get either facials or massages (or both). We have been to many places all over, including Greenbrier and Hotel Hershey.
We both agreed that this was our favorite place so far. The massage I had was amazing. I am usually very sensitive, and anything harder than a light massage is painful. My therapist was able to massage harder and deeper than I have ever had before, and it didn’t hurt at all. She actually released some of the most painful knots, and my neck and back feel so much better I can’t believe it.We will be back for sure. I just wanted to thank you and let you know how wonderful we thought our experience was. Thanks! –Laurie (and Cathy)

My fiancé and I recently went to Sabai Body Temple for the first time and got the Playing Dirty package. It was a good experience from the start. We really enjoyed the relaxation of removing your shoes before entering and letting loose and getting comfortable from the start. Both the ladies we had for our massage had a pleasant and calming demeanor that made our experience enjoyable. They also explained the type of massage we were getting and catered everything to our needs and wants. The massage was wonderful and relaxing. The body mud that was involved was warm and relaxing and a good end to a wonderful experience. We look forward to coming again and trying another couples package in the near future and have recommended Sabai Body Temple to our friends. Thanks again! –Sarah

Sabai Body Temple is the only spa for me and I am slowly making my way around the entire menu of services. I have had the Korean Spa Ritual, Purification Ritual and the Vedic Cleanse. And each experience made me feel completely at home (but so much better)!
The staff at Sabai have each time worked with me and my needs and treated me with love and kindness, so I don’t feel like a client, but a truly valued guest. Each time I leave the spa, I take home new ideas on how to create a tranquil space in my own home and how to better treat my body as a gift. My most recent experience was the Vedic Cleanse and it was amazing! A massage is wonderful in and of itself, but the ritual of the spicy mud and candle-lit shower turned the massage into something so much more–a time to truly be present in the body, and also at peace.The fact that Sabai uses natural ingredients is the first thing that drew me in (with a Groupon) and the consistently enchanting experience is what brings me back. I believe that Sabai Body Temple is a rare spot in the Cities where they pamper because it’s their passion and not the bottom line. –Shannon

I recently had my first SBT Signature Massage and it was perfect! It was a great escape from day-to-day stress. From the calming and worldly decor to the friendly staff, I instantly felt my stress melt away. The massage was exactly what I needed, and my therapist made sure I was comfortable at all times. I didn’t feel rushed and was even encouraged to relax in the lounge with a bowl of fruit before leaving. I would definitely recommend Sabai Body Temple, I felt completely relaxed and refreshed when I left. –Kelly

Your relocation to the current location continues to be significant simply because of the ease of parking. Oddly (at my age), climbing the stairs to Sabai Body Temple is a tension-relieving experience. Removing my shoes and being welcomed by name, contribute to the experience. Your interest in my experiences since my last visit is a personalization of what could simply be a clinical procedure. The minutes fly by; I am able to relax and be ruled by my subconscious. The parting refreshment and conversation creates a container that allows me to carry the experience for several days. –Bill

I went to Sabai Body Temple with the hopes that I could decrease some of the back pain I have suffered with for years. What I found was so much more. Sabai’s approach to body work is just that, body work. They treat the body as a whole, including “peeling the layers” to find the source of the problem. The knowledge base of the therapists, attention to detail and specific areas of pain are superb. Within 6 months of regularly scheduled body work I went from daily 10/10 pain to very minimal pain with weather changes. I realize now how important it is to take time for yourself and how good life can be without pain.-Jenny

After going to many spas and having massages other places, I never want to go anywhere else but Sabai Body Temple. My therapist makes the experience so enjoyable and relaxing that my stress just melts away every time I have the opportunity to go there. Somehow she just intuitively knows what would be best for my body and I am grateful for that since sometimes I can’t always pinpoint the tension in my body. The surroundings are perfectly blissful and have such a calming energy that I have no choice but to take a deep breath and just give into the relaxation. Since coming regularly to Sabai Body Temple, my migraine headaches have almost disappeared completely which is a benefit that I am ever thankful for. I will be a life-long customer! –Suzanne

While I have tried several different treatments and have thoroughly enjoyed them all, I have found that combining the Body Buzz with the 1.5 hour SBT Signature Massage to be the most delightful, relaxing, mind-numbingly-delicious gift to myself. So much so, that I treated 3 of my friends to that exact combination and they are STILL talking about it (and have become loyal enthusiasts of Sabai Body Temple as well). It’s difficult to put the experience and the feeling you get into words. At the expense of sounding trite, you will be indulging your mind, body and soul. As an added bonus, you are supporting a local, woman-owned business, which I personally value. –Suzi