Spa Rituals

 { Royal Treatment Ritual } 120 min. $210

A Luxurious Head to Toe Treatment

A pampering ritual that rids you of your deepest stresses from head to toe.  Warm towels cover your feet as your breathe in the soothing notes of Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Lavender essential oils.  Your mind quiets further with slow, guided breathing as your body relinquishes tension from your back, neck and shoulders to the expert hands of your Massage Ninja.  Let yourself sink deeper into a blissful state as a steamy, herbal Thai poultice is massaged across your face and neck, releasing the benefits of the therapeutic herbs, reducing puffiness, dark circles and easing muscle tension associated with TMJ, sinus pressure and headaches.  A warm coconut oil scalp massage, paired with a hydrating foot massage further calms the mind, leaving you in an ethereal state of peace.

{ Susie’s Bliss Ritual } 90 min. $150

A Blissful Mix of Incredible Massage and Pampering

A slow-flow, deep tissue massage with essential oils of Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Lavender dissolves muscle tension in the back, neck and shoulders.After a refreshing mist with Jasmine and Bamboo extracts, a warm, herbal poultice is massaged across the face and neck, calming the mind, easing sinus and head pressure and brightening your skin, followed by a gentle face massage with a hydrating rose oil. Finally, succumb to a blissful state of deep relaxation as soothing herbal lotion is massaged into the feet in a reflexology-styled treatment.

 { Vedic Cleanse } 90 min. $170

SBT Signature Mud Experience

A Signature Experience at SBT that begins with a deeply satisfying and un-hurried massage with notes of Cardamom, Ginger and Cherry,  unfurling tension in your back, neck and shoulders. A green tea eye masque soothes as your Massage Ninja cocoons you from head to toe in warm, mineral-rich mud, cleansing and hydrating your skin.  Melt into your massage table as the mud detoxifies and relaxes your body. A softly lit shower completes this exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience.

{ Heart and Sole Ritual } 90 min. $150

A Beautiful Journey to Soothe and Ground

Set an intention with sacred Japanese incense and a hand-picked zen stone as you begin to unwind with a Lavender and Ginger foot soak. Your Massage Ninja expertly attends to your neck and shoulders with a warm Ylang Ylang, Lemon and Ginger oil massage as soothing warm towels gently open your chest and heart chakra, melting physical and emotional stress. Surrender any remaining tension to a hydrating calf massage before your feet are cocooned in warm towels and a grounding foot massage leaves in a deep state of peace and harmony.

{ Head Mess Ritual } 90 min. $170

A Journey Into Profound Relaxation

Begin your journey with an uplifting foot soak of Geranium and Ginger and a soothing arm and hand massage with Rose & Comfrey. Mental stress and tension are dissolved as your Massage Ninja skillfully uses a warm herbal poultice, massaging deeply into tight areas of your upper body, allowing your shoulders to release and neck to soften. A warm coconut oil head massage quiets your busy mind before a steamy herbal ball, filled with fruits and flowers is massaged gently across your face, brightening your skin, banishing any remaining stress and inviting you to drift away on a warm cloud of massage bliss. Poultices used in your experience are yours to take home for continued use.