Stones and Scrubs

Oriental Hot Stone with Traditional Thai Herbal Poultice

90 min. $150       120 min. $195       150 min. $225

Hot Stone Massage Winner
Achieve a Nirvana-like status with our traditional Thai deep heat, medicinal muscle treatment.  Steamy, organic Lemongrass and Ginger heat deeply penetrates sore muscles, reducing aches and pains, detoxifying your body and stimulating circulation, melting you into a profound sense of calm.  Your Massage Ninja expertly massages your body with both their hands and the warm poultice for complete mental and muscular relaxation.
Temple Hint: Brilliant for physical/mental fatigue, aching joints, sore bodies and worn-out spirits. Your hot stone is yours to take home at the completion of your massage. A head to toe treatment requires a minimum of 150 min.

Zensation (Add-On Service) 30 min. $45

Allow your body and mind to unwind from the stress of your day with our exclusive exfoliating massage that can be paired with any of our beautiful massage services. During this head-to-toe treatment, an exfoliating massage is paired with warm ginger towels to stimulate circulation and kick-start the detoxification process followed by a lush hydrating massage.   Please note, this service is NOT available on its own.