Valentines 2017

Our exclusive annual Valentines Event runs from Friday February 10th through Tuesday February 14th.  Reservations are limited and fill quickly.  Please take a moment to read our Reservation Guidelines before making your reservation.

We look forward to celebrating the thing that is LOVE with you and your special someone!


{ Reservation Guidelines }


  • Once your reservation is confirmed, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued
  • Online Booking is not available during our Valentine’s event and reservations are very limited


  • A credit card is required for reservations which will be billed 48 hours prior to your reservation
  • Due to the high demand for reservations, we kindly ask for a 48 hour notice for cancellation or rescheduled reservations
  • Cancelled or Rescheduled reservations within 48 hours are billed at 100% of the full price of the treatment. Regrettably, there are no exceptions
  • We offer a set menu during our Valentines Event and we thank you for not making substitutions
  • Gift Certificates are not accepted as payment during our Valentines Event
  • Please communicate any special requests prior to confirming your reservation



{ Valentines Menu }

All service prices include sales tax and a 18% gratuity for your therapists

Valentine’s Couples Massage with Warm Chocolate Oil

60 min. $264.13 90 min. $383.61 120 min. $503.10

Deep tissue meets deep relaxation in your candle-lit room for two where your pampering experience begins with warm towels for your feet, followed by warm chocolate oil drizzled on your bodies, nourishing and warming your senses, banishing your physical stress and mental fatigue in an award-winning, slow-flow massage experience, dissolving your cares, leaving you blissfully content.

Our slow-flow experience allows your body to deeply unwind, so if you are looking for a tip-to-toe massage, please select an 120 min. treatment.

Oh Baby! 60 min. $264.13 90 min. with your choice of head/feet $383.61

For our expecting couple. Our slow-flow massage experience, tailored exactly for each of you, easing Mummy’s weary body and spirits and taking care of Daddy’s tension and stress. Mama’s are given the choice of either lying face down in a cushion designed especially for pregnancy or comfortably bolstered with an array of soft cushions and pillows to ensure her utmost comfort.

Be My Valentine 90 min. $433.92

Begin your journey with a luxurious, exfoliating massage with notes of Himalayan Rose for her and Sandalwood for him, spiked with ginger; warming you from head to toe and revealing your beautiful glow. Sink further into your heated tables as warm chocolate oil massages gently melt away the deepest tensions in your back, neck and shoulders. Finally, warm coconut oil head massages melt any remaining stress, transcending you both to a magical place of happy love.

I Adore You 90 min. $433.92

Sink into a heavenly experience as warm towels cover your feet. Breathe in the intoxicating aromas of chocolate and coconut as your bodies relinquish tension from your back, neck and shoulders to the expert hands of your Massage Ninjas. Your blissful state deepens as a warm, herbal poultice is massaged across your face and neck, releasing healing herbs, easing muscle tension and puffiness and quieting your minds, leaving you feeling utterly adored from head to toe.

The Love Ritual 120 min. $553.41

Begin your journey together with an intention setting ritual using sacred Japanese incense and your very own Zen stone. Warm, rose petal scattered tables await you as you unwind with a slow-flow deep tissue massage with cardamon and cherry oil, dissolving tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Continue to relax as your Massage Ninjas lovingly prepare a ceremonial bowl of herbal mud infused with sacred herbs. Enjoy time together, painting each other with warm, silky mud before quietly resting while your mud masques work to draw out toxins before completing your journey with a candle-lit shower.


Make your reservation by telephoning the Studio 612 872 8354

We are open from 10-am until 8pm Friday – Tuesday and closed on Wednesday & Thursday.

Please be patient if you are asked to leave a message.

We will return your message as soon as we are able.