Meet Our Therapists

Tucked away in the heart of Uptown an oasis awaits.
SBT is an escape. A mini vacation from your daily grind.

Skilled Massage Therapist


My interest in bodywork began when I felt called to help others, after my first transformative experience in healing myself. I graduated from Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School in 2008. Foremost modalities are Shiatsu, Swedish/Deep Tissue, Integrative Bodywork, and Thai Yoga Massage. Over the years I have added many additional techniques to my toolbox. My approach to bodywork is conscious, intuitive listening; coupled with technical knowledge of energetic meridians and anatomy. I operate from the perspective that the Mind (and) Body are innately connected; intentionally working to foster this Yin/Yang harmony and balance.

Skilled Massage Therapist


Hi, my name is Damian and I am a massage therapist. I received my training in my home town of Racine, Wisconsin. That was 23 years ago. Since then I’ve honed my skills and techniques. My approach is to open up a “conversation” with your body. I listen and follow the lead for depth and technique. I look forward to meeting you, and your muscles.  Techniques I incorporate include, deep tissue, pre-natal, relaxation, gua sha and tui na.

Skilled Massage Therapist


My interest in therapeutic bodywork was first sparked by my mother who has been practicing Massage and Zen Shiatsu for over 25 years.  I graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy after intensive training in Swedish Massage and Stretching and Joint Mobilization, Myo-Facial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Bodywork for Persons Experiencing PTSD, Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Oncology Massage/Compassionate Touch.  


I have worked in Illinois at several massage/bodywork settings ranging from spas to athletic facilities and now I am so happy to be working with the incredible team here at Sabai Body Temple in Minneapolis. Whether you come in with a focus on relaxation or to relieve acute pain, my goal is to use my intuition and bodywork training to bring your mind, energy, and body into a sustainable state of balance.

Skilled Massage Therapist


I use my sense of touch as a tool for healing.  Bodywork to me is an art form; it is healing and harmonising for the body, mind and spirit.  Like music, massage when done passionately and from the heart may truly go beyond pain relief.  It has the potential to re-balance, revitalise and heal from the inside out.  I see myself as a channel; a conduit in helping you relax, re-centre and recharge.  I am a student of life, apprenticing under my father who practiced bodywork and physical therapy for more than thirty years.  I attended St Paul Technical College where I received my massage certification.  My favourite modalities are relaxation, Swedish, integrative and therapeutic bodywork.  Massage is more than a career to me; it is a way of life as I truly love what I do.

Skilled Massage Therapist


Hi, I’m Julie (she/they). I come to massage from a background in the performing arts as a way to care for my own instrument and to support my community. I first trained and got certified on the east coast and have worked in Pennsylvania, Texas, California and now Minnesota; what a gift to get to meet so many new people and learn so much from all of them. I’m learning new ways to integrate body and energy work, to study trauma-informed care, and to move towards  inclusive and decolonized models of how we think and talk about the body. My favorite modalities include lomi lomi, ashiatsu, and integrative massage.

Skilled Massage Therapist


My grandmother, who began her bodywork career in the 90's, introduced me to holistic practices when I was young and inspired me to start my own path in the healing arts. I am a graduate of CenterPoint Massage Therapy & Shiatsu School & Clinic in St. Louis Park, MN. During my studies there, I was trained in the art of Swedish and Therapeutic massage techniques. Since then, I have continued to add new techniques to my tool box and I am interested in learning more about energy based modalities.

I believe each individual is on a unique life path and should be treated with a deep sense of respect. My goal is to work with you to create a bodywork experience that aligns with your holistic goals and aspirations. While I preserve the idea that each person is the master of their own healing; sometimes a helping hand is essential in allowing our body systems to drift into a space of serenity and healing discovery- I look forward to walking with you on your healing journey!

Skilled Massage Therapist


After a three year break I am excited and grateful to be back at Sabai Body Temple! I graduated from the Bio-Chi Institute in Sioux City Iowa in 2001 with a certificate in advanced massage and body work therapy. Shortly after I gained my national certification and moved to Minneapolis where I have practiced in a wide variety of settings.
My goals in massage to bring you into a calming relaxing environment and to begin to free you from the fast paced world we exist in. Once the mind and spirit are calmed the body begins to release tension on its own and allows the mind, body, and spirit to connect. I work with a wide range of modalities custom to your body to further release tension from your body while keeping you relaxed. The end goal is a happier, healthier, and pain free you.