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About Us

Your Body is a Temple. Worship Yourself.


Sabai Body Temple was created by two people from opposite sides of the globe who met in China and found themselves living in Minneapolis, MN. Drawing from backgrounds in bodywork and hospitality, we set out to create a beautiful sanctuary where our clients could escape the stress and worry experienced living in the modern world.

SBT was founded in 2007 with the intention of fusing exceptional eastern-inspired bodywork together with a service standard associated with high-end spas or hotels, without the exclusivity or a clinical spa feeling.

Over the years, we have attracted a team of the most talented bodyworkers and staff on the planet to provide impressive care and education for our clientele.  We believe in a no-pain / all-gain philosophy and developed our SBT Studio Massage to blend deep tissue bodywork with profound relaxation.

We worked to create a beautiful setting to indulge the senses.  A restful space where both clientele and staff are treated as close friends.  A retreat, where time is considered precious, rather than a commodity. A place where small, thoughtful touches take you to something beyond your everyday experience.

We also strive to support and care for the Earth by using chemical-free ingredients to take care of both our clientele and our Studio.  We recycle when possible and minimise our use of disposable products.

SBT supports our local community through participation in the CSA farm programme, donations to local charities and acting as an educational resource and non-judgmental support for all those who cross our threshold.

Jessika and Joshua

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