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Your Body is a Temple. Worship Yourself.

A Studio Massage 

Retreat to your private, candle-lit massage room for an award-winning, slow-flow massage, blending Eastern and Western techniques together for a deeply relaxing, therapeutic experience. Banish physical stress and mental fatigue as our highly skilled massage therapists move from calming your body to releasing deep muscle tension... you’ll swear it’s like sinking into a warm bath of massage heaven.  Aromatherapy is complimentary with every massage.

Studio Massage

Studio Massage

60 min. $105     

90 min. $157    

120 min. $210 

CBD Studio Massage

60 min. $115     

90 min. $170     

120 min. $225

w/ Studio Leader

60 min. $110      

90 min. $165    

120 min. $220

Take a peek at our Therapist Bio's to learn more about our Massage Therapists.

Bonus 30min Massage Services - $55 each

Add these services to any Studio Massage

Bonus Exfoliation

During this head-to-toe treatment, an exfoliating scrub is paired with warm ginger towels to stimulate circulation and kick-start the detoxification process followed by a lush hydrating lotion, leaving you baby-soft... all before your regular massage even starts!

Bonus Face Massage

A steamy poultice is gently massaged across your face and neck to calm and ease muscle tension, sinus pressure, TMJ and headaches, before you unwind into a gentle face-oil application to seal in the hydration. Circulation is stimulated, releasing toxins trapped between the tissues and muscles, reducing puffiness, dark circles and fine lines to create a radiant glow.  

Please note: This service requires the removal of your face mask.

Bonus Head & Neck Massage

Pressure points are gently massaged to melt stress held along the length of your neck, paired with a 100% organic, warm Coconut oil head massage, relaxing the scalp from ear-to-ear.


Bonus Foot Massage

A luxurious, hydrating lotion is massaged into your feet to soften skin, stimulate circulation and eliminate soreness, before reflexology-based pressure points are firmly massaged to encourage detoxification.

Warm Poultice Massage.png

East-Asian Bodywork


Traditional Cupping  New Addition! 

50 min. $115       80 min. $170

Cupping/Vacuum Therapy, though new to western therapeutic approach, comes from over 3,000 years of global therapeutic history and practice to help relax, recover, and mobilize your tissue. Your therapist starts with a gentle unscented oil to soothe and prepare your skin. A variety of cupping techniques penetrate and detoxify your muscles from the inside out, deeply relaxing both body and mind. Light massage techniques follow which avoid re-compressing the tissue and encourage lymph flow. Circulation is stimulated, aches are quieted, and your session closes with a grounding sesame and cardamom neck massage.

Temple Hint:

This service focuses on Cupping Therapy and application including some consideration of TCM energy meridians. We use hard plastic cups with a vacuum trigger for this service which allow us a lot of range. If you haven't tried cupping before, we may recommend flexible silicone cupping treatment to start which are effective & versatile to recover and mobilize your tissue. This service may, but does not always, leave marks on the skin which can take up to 2 weeks to fade. CANNOT be combined with Bonus Exfoliation or Thai Herbal Poultice Treatment.​

Thai Herbal Poultice Treatment

90 min. $175       120 min. $230
Achieve a Nirvana-like status with our traditional Thai deep heat, medicinal muscle treatment.  Steamy, organic Lemongrass and Ginger poultices deeply penetrate sore muscles, reducing aches and pains, detoxifying your body and stimulating circulation, melting you into a profound sense of calm.  Your Massage Therapist expertly massages your body with both their hands and the warm poultice for complete mental and muscular relaxation.

Temple Hint:

A Poultice is a collection of herbs bound in fabric which we steam before applying to the body for a combination of heat and herbal treatment. Brilliant for physical/mental fatigue, aching joints, sore bodies and worn-out spirits, your poultice is yours to take home at the completion of your massage. A head to toe treatment requires a minimum of *150 min* which will be back on our menu soon! But don't worry, we can get a lot done in 120min.

Thai Medicinal Massage: Available Mon/Tues with Kayla  New Addition!

60 min. $105       90 min. $157

Often described as assisted yoga, your Thai Massage experience starts with warm towels on your feet, and then incorporates a customized combination of compression, acupressure on energy pathways, and passive stretching to revitalize your muscles and ground your nervous system. Your session closes with energy points in your hands and feet to promote healthy digestion, effective rest, and deep relaxation.


Temple Hint:

This technique is performed on a traditional Thai floor mat and you will remain fully clothed. Please wear comfortable, loose or stretchy clothing.

Coming Soon...

  • Shiatsu with Steph

Traditional Cupping
Thai Herbal Poultice
Thai Medicinal Massage
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