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Meet Our Therapists

Tucked away in the heart of Uptown an oasis awaits.
SBT is an escape. A mini vacation from your daily grind.

Every member of our team has extensive training, study, and practical experience!


Massage Therapist

I've been massaging friends and family since I was 11 years old(now 33). Everyone I've massaged has told me that I should do it for a living. I was a nursing assistant for almost 8 years until I finally picked up the phone and answered my true calling... massage therapy.

I studied at Aveda in Minneapolis and instantly fell in love. My style is slow, specific and intentional, specializing in deep tissue. I am patient with the muscles and releases. Deep tissue doesn't have to hurt! I like to create a flow of comfort and relaxation throughout the duration of the session. Every massage is my best massage and I intend to keep it that way. I am most fulfilled in my life when helping and healing others. Can't wait to meet you!

Client Review
"I had an amazing massage with Cam which I would consider one of my best massage experiences, and I’ve worked with several massage therapists before! She focuses on problem areas very well with firm pressure which is what I prefer. She really cares about making you feel your best and I can’t wait to book another appointment when I’m back in town!"
- A.V.
May 2024


Massage Therapist

Massage and bodywork have been a fascination of mine from a very young age. I love the idea of giving someone a magical experience while healing and calming them at the same time.

I graduated from the Aveda Massage program in Minneapolis where my studies focused on Swedish massage, deep tissue, reflexology and trigger point therapy.
I have a background as a visual artist and feel massage is an extension of my art, the body being a canvas for soothing touch.

Client Review
"That was the most healing and restorative and relaxing massage I've ever gotten. Never experienced a massage like that. Incredible."
- M.B.
October 2023


Massage Therapist

My interest to pursue a career in massage therapy was brought about through my devotion to help others in conjunction with my curiosity to the concept of being able to facilitate healing of one’s body and mind from within. I followed my interest to the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy where I was trained in Swedish Massage, Myo-Facial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Shiatsu and Thai Massage. Additionally, I received my Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science in May of 2023. I have always had a great passion for athletics and was fortunate enough to play Division III softball while pursuing this degree as well.

Client Review
"Kayla was phenomenal- knew how to create an all-encompassing, physically and spiritually relaxing experience. I have already recommended her to several people!"
- E.D.
November 2023


Massage Therapist

My interest in bodywork began when I felt called to help others, after my first transformative experience in healing myself. I graduated from Centerpoint Massage and Shiatsu Therapy School in 2008. Foremost modalities are Shiatsu, Swedish/Deep Tissue, Integrative Bodywork, and Thai Yoga Massage. Over the years I have added many additional techniques to my toolbox. My approach to bodywork is conscious, intuitive listening; coupled with technical knowledge of energetic meridians and anatomy. I operate from the perspective that the Mind (and) Body are innately connected; intentionally working to foster this Yin/Yang harmony and balance.

Client Review
"Your studio has the most competent and mindful staff. Every time I come I feel so much better. It's not just a relaxing nap but true body work."
- E.A.
November 2023


Massage Therapist

I use my sense of touch as a tool for healing. Bodywork to me is an art form; it is healing and harmonising for the body, mind and spirit. Like music, massage when done passionately and from the heart may truly go beyond pain relief. It has the potential to re-balance, revitalise and heal from the inside out. I see myself as a channel; a conduit in helping you relax, re-centre and recharge. I am a student of life, apprenticing under my father who practiced bodywork and physical therapy for more than thirty years. I attended St Paul Technical College where I received my massage certification. My favourite modalities are relaxation, Swedish, integrative and therapeutic bodywork. Massage is more than a career to me; it is a way of life as I truly love what I do.

Client Review
"Closest experience I've had to a perfect massage since India. Orsolya is my favorite, but you cannot go wrong here; they are across the boards."
- J.R.
December 2023


Massage Therapist / Studio Leader

My interest in therapeutic bodywork was first sparked by my mother who has been practicing Massage and Zen Shiatsu for over 30 years. I graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy after intensive training in Swedish Massage and Stretching and Joint Mobilization, Myo-Facial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Bodywork for Persons Experiencing PTSD, Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Oncology Massage/Compassionate Touch. In 2023, I completed my Cupping Therapy certification.

I have worked in massage/bodywork settings ranging from spas to athletic facilities and now I am so happy to be working with the incredible team here at Sabai Body Temple in Minneapolis. Whether you come in with a focus on relaxation or to relieve acute pain, my goal is to use my intuition and bodywork training to bring your mind, energy, and body into a sustainable state of balance.

**NOTE: Maple is not currently bookable through our online system.**

Client Review
"Maple always does incredible work. In the last session she used new techniques on me, continuing to help my body in new ways even after seeing her for almost 2 years"
- L.H.
August 2023

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