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Your Body is a Temple. Worship Yourself.

Take a peek at our Therapist Bio's to learn more about our Massage Therapists.

Zensation  New Addition! 

60 min. $110

Your escape begins with a stimulating head-to-toe exfoliation with rose or sandalwood to boost circulation and help your body detoxify. Warm ginger towels relax tight muscles before a lush hydrating lotion massage melts any stubborn tension. Your escape is completed with a deeply relaxing head and neck massage with a nourishing, warm coconut and Rosemary oil. You'll swear you've never felt so zen.

Relax-ology  New Addition!

40 min. $85 

​Perfect for a lunch break or a pick-me-up, your visit starts with a steamed herbal poultice to introduce warmth and hydration to your face, followed by a gentle Frankincense CBD face oil to soothe tension away from your forehead, eyebrows, jaw.... Inhale the calming aroma of ginger root and jasmine flower and retreat into calm while your therapist moves on to an intentional, detoxifying Reflexology massage to give some love to those feet that carry you through life.


Temple Hint:

This service works on the face, neck, and feet. You will be asked to remove socks but may otherwise remain fully clothed. Removal of face masks is necessary for the face massage.

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