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Just For Couples

Your Body is a Temple. Worship Yourself.

Cute Date

Our standard and sweet Couple's Massage! Enjoy an incredible experience side-by-side in our beautiful couples treatment room, where candlelight and massage tables adorned with flowers set a romantic mood. Deep tissue meets deep relaxation in an award-winning, slow-flow experience for two, for a deeply relaxing, therapeutic session, banishing your physical stress and mental fatigue.

60 min. $225             90 min. $340             120 min. $450

You Make Me High

A deep sense of peace spreads throughout your entire body with a fully customisable side-by-side CBD Oil massage for you and your sweetheart. Your Massage Therapist melts tension and stress from your body, pairing our famous slow-flow deep tissue massage with warm towels and your choice of CBD Oil.

60 min. $235             90 min. $353             120 min. $465

Temple Hint: A 60 min. massage includes head through hips.  If you’d like to include your legs, please select a minimum of 90 minutes or 120 min. for a head-to-toe experience. For inclusions of the head or feet, take a peek at our other Couples offerings below.

Head Over Heels New Addition!

120 min. $475

Begin with tip-to-toe exfoliating ginger-rose and sandalwood scrubs to increase circulation and quiet your mind, followed by a luscious hydrating lotion. Slow-flow deep tissue massage with rich cardamom and sesame oil follows to melt away the physical and mental stresses of your day. A warm coconut oil head massage, paired with an intensely relaxing foot massage leaves you both with a profound sense of peace.

I Love Us
120 min. $475

Begin with aromatherapy of lemongrass, lavender and sweet orange to quiet busy minds before giving in to a slow-flow deep tissue massage to banish the most stubborn of tension. Sink further into bliss as a warm herbal poultice is massaged over the face and neck; calming the mind and relieving sinus and head pressure. Next, a CBD oil is lightly massaged into your face, for a radiant "I love us" glow. Finally, warm towels massage your neck before warm oil is gently poured onto the third eye and massaged into your head and neck, dissolving any remaining tension and letting you melt into true relaxation.

Please Note: Removal of your face mask is needed for the face massage.

The Moon and Back  New Addition!

90 min. $365

Sink into a heavenly experience as warm towels cover your feet. Breathe in the intoxicating aromas of almond and sweet orange as your bodies relinquish tension from your back, neck and shoulders to the expert hands of your Massage Therapist. Your blissful state deepens as a warm, herbal poultice is massaged across your face and neck, releasing healing herbs, easing muscle tension and puffiness and quieting your minds, letting you float away to the stars.

Please Note: This service may help relieve sinus pressure and allergy symptoms. Removal of any face mask is necessary for the face massage.

Opposites Attract
90 min. $365

Celebrate the differences that make you click with this customisable service. You each begin by selecting the oil that you would like before you start to unwind with a slow-flow deep tissue massage to dissolve tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Finally, the two of you each select either a warm oil scalp massage or grounding foot massage to get exactly what you need. 

Stuck on You  Coming Soon...

60 min. $250        90 min. $365

Cupping/Vacuum Therapy (though new to Western therapeutic approach) comes from over 3,000 years of global therapeutic history and practice to help relax, recover, and mobilize your tissue. Your therapists start with a gentle sunflower oil to soothe and prepare your skin. A variety of cupping techniques detoxify your muscles from the inside out, deeply relaxing both body and mind. Circulation is stimulated, aches are quieted, and your session closes with a grounding sesame and cardamom neck massage. Amidst warmth and incense, this is the perfect reset for you and your honey. 

Please Note: This service may, but does not always, leave marks on the skin which can take up to 2 weeks to fade.

Kiss Me All Over  New Addition!

60 min. $250        90 min. $365

A deep sense of peace spreads throughout your entire body as warm ginger towels are paired with tip-to-toe exfoliating massages to quiet mental chatter and achieve "kiss me" skin. Warm cardamom, cherry and sesame deep tissue massages follow, dissolving the tensions and cares of your day into a puddle of glowing massage bliss.

Oh Baby!
60 min. $225        90 min. $340 (choice of head or feet focus included)

For the expecting couple.  Our Studio slow-flow deep tissue massage paired with your choice of one of our house-blended oils. Please make a note of how far along you are in your pregnancy when making your reservation so our therapists can prepare a table setting that will ensure Mamas utmost comfort.

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