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COACHING: Tarot-Based "Life-Massage"

Your Body is a Temple. Worship Yourself.

Limited Time Residency!

Tuesday, Dec 27 - Saturday, Dec 31

Sabai is excited to be hosting Dori Conn, a life coach based in Evanston, IL.

Dori will be offering Tarot-based “Life Massage”, just in time to support you entering the new year with a clear head, and intentional energy.

For more information about Dori and her approach to Tarot Talks, visit

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Gift Certificates for Sabai can't be used toward bookings for this residency.

Making changes for the New Year?

Want help setting realistic goals?

Honor your strengths and weaknesses; find encouragement to be gentle with yourself. 

Practice acceptance, appreciation, and curiosity about yourself as you might about anyone you love…



Tarot: Something Specific to Discuss 60

$80 – 60min; Private Session, 7-8 Cards

Example Topics

  • Big Change Ahead – You want to make a big change – a move, career shift, etc. – but something’s holding you back. This conversation is designed to safely explore your hopes, concerns, and blocks, and find ways to move forward while honoring yourself in the process.

  • Looking for Love – Let’s make sure you’re looking the right way for what you really want. What gets in your way that you can control? How can you find comfort and enjoyment while you search?

  • Forging a Path – Want a different future for yourself then what you currently anticipate?

We’ll discuss what you’d like to change and consider what you can do to arrive at your desired destination.


Tarot: Curious and Unsure 60

$80 – 60min; Private Session*, 7-8 Cards

  • Curious and Unsure – Let’s chat and see what topics come up; the time is yours. This session can be considered an Intro to Tarot Cards. Take a look at the cards, pick a favorite and least favorite card of the day. Identify why you made those choices and then find something in each card you hadn’t noticed at first and something about each card that offers comfort.

    • Learn how to use the suits, numbers, and images to focus your thoughts, see your choices, gain new perspectives, and set realistic goals.

Temple Hint: *This session is appropriate for Minors aged 12-18 accompanied by an adult during the session. Please clarify if the session is for a minor as a note on the reservation.


Tarot: Short and Sweet 30

$50 – 30min; Private Session, 3-4 Cards

Example Topics

  • Time Travel – With a little help you can imagine conversations with your past and future self. Take a chance and explore what perspectives older and younger versions of you may have, that could offer you comfort now and help you navigate life’s current twists. You may find you have valuable insights for these other versions of yourself. No one knows you better, no one has more useful information for you than YOU.

  • Don’t Know What You Want? – Easy; let’s talk. We’ll start with some simple questions and choices and observe what new ones arise.


Tarot: Put Your Heads Together (Group Session)

$150 – 120min; Group** Session (2-6 people), up to 16 cards total

Example Topics

  • Birds of a Feather – Maybe you all have similar life questions but different ways of approaching life. See how different card combinations lead in different but appropriate directions.

  • Life’s a Funny Thing – Have individual questions? Great, let’s start there. We might find card or theme commonalities in your group… We have more in common than you’d think!

  • On the Same Team – Navigating a challenge together? We support that and we also recognize that cooperation can be hard. Whether family, colleagues, roommates or teammates of a different kind, this approach to discussion can open new doors for conflict navigation and communication.

**Two to six heads are better than one. In any group session, each of you will have the chance to form questions and choose cards with the support of people who know you well to help you form answers.



Illustrated Summary Write-Up    $25

Delivered by email within 2 weeks of session (can be added to Private Sessions only).

You won’t book this one online; if you’re interested in a write-up, please let Dori know at the beginning of your session.

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