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Our Response to COVID-19


Our re-open date has been set for the 11th July!!!

We are excited to announce that we are opening for business on Saturday 11th July. While there will be a number of new procedures in place to ensure the well-being of all, we will still be the same haven for you to escape, rewind and relax in comfort and safety. We have decided to offer a reduced menu of Services for the moment, during this time of transition back to business. We will be also be running on reduced hours and staffing to allow for strict sanitation and there will be some modifications in the way your time is spent in the Studio. Because of our reduced availability, we will be giving priority to our existing and regular clients and welcoming new clients as time and scheduling allows.

To our regular clients: Thank you for your unwavering support of us during these trying months. We couldn't have done it without you and I feel deep gratitude for each of you. I urge you to book your weekly and monthly reservations now through the beginning of October to ensure your spot with your favorite practitioner.

UPDATE 25 MAY 2020

Massage is finally back!!! *Cue fireworks and angels singing*

We are currently working hard on preparing the Studio and our team to take care of you during this phase of Covid-19. We want to make sure we are well prepared and can continue to be a haven of healing and rejuvenation for you, despite any changes. The guidelines put out mean that we will be making many adjustments to the way we operate to ensure your safety and comfort. There is significant work to do to make sure we can continue in a manner that feels safe for both our clients and staff. While the Governor has given a re-open date, starting June 1st, we will be pushing this out to ensure we are well prepared. Please continue to check here for our re-open date.

We're excited to see you!

SBT xxx

UPDATE 16 MAY 2020

After significant frustration, tears and quite a few swear words, our Go Fund Me is back up and running. You can read all about it here.

UPDATE 15 MAY 2020

Wow. It's now been two months since we locked our doors for what we thought would be two weeks! The latest news is that the Governor has indicated that Spas and Massage Studio may resume business beginning 1st June 2020. We are waiting for guidelines from the Massage board as to what life will look like moving forward. We are in the midst of putting together plans and protocols to ensure your safety and comfort while you're with us. 


We can't wait to see you all! Bookings can still be made via our reservations link. Hugs, SBT xx

P.S - Thanks to all those who recently TRIED to donate to our GoFundMe. In the last two weeks, we encountered some problems on their end and are still waiting for them to resolve these issues!


Closure continues until at least the 18th May. We have applied for all applicable funding and continue to wait and see what happens. Our newsletter is up and running which will keep you up-to-date with our goings on and hopefully provide a little light in these tough times. Drop a line to if you'd like to receive it. We are not actively rebooking clients at this time but our booking system remains active should you like to book a session beyond closure. Fingers crossed we will be seeing you all soon. In the meantime, please consider giving to our GoFundMe Campaign. Stay well and sane friends! xx


We continue to remain closed until 1st May 2020, per the Governor mandate in an effort to slow the spread of the virus. An enormous thank you to all of our Community that have so far donated to our GoFundMe campaign and all the well wishes and support. We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Stay safe!


Hello Friends,

The Studio will remain closed until April 10th as we do our part to protect our Community and slow the spread of Covid-19.


We have been a part of our Community's wellness journey for more than twelve years and it has been our pleasure to serve and support you through the stress and strain of every day life.  Today we find ourselves in a time of unprecedented stress and uncertainty and it is our fervent hope that we can continue to support you through these times and in the days to come.

The closure of the Studio has placed enormous strain on us as a tiny business and today, I'm reaching out to you to ask if you will consider making a financial contribution to help us pay our staff and keep our doors open.


We are all in the midst of a grave crisis that is deeply affecting us all on many levels.  Many of us find ourselves without work, added stress of children at home, caring for elderly loved ones and safely navigating the new uncertainty of day-to-day living. 


Although the physical Studio is closed as we play our part to reduce the speed of the spread of Covid-19, we are working on ways to continually support you and remain connected as a community, so do look for a newsletter in the coming days. You can also follow us on Face Book for cheerful and practical news and updates.


On a personal note, I want to thank you for being a part of the Sabai Body Temple community.  The vision in the creation of the Studio was to pair amazing bodywork in an environment that felt safe, inclusive and heart centered.


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of this community and your continued support over the years. For those of you that have already donated, I feel deep gratitude.  I'm humbled by your support of our tiny Studio.


With deep gratitude and much love,




Sabai Body Temple


Please visit our GoFundMe now to donate.  If everyone gives just $10, we will reach our goal!




UPDATE March 17 2020

Hello to All,

As of today, the Studio is closed.  Our tentative plan is to open again on Sunday 29th March, but like you, we are taking things day by day and monitoring the situation closely.  I will be posting updates here, so please visit this page regularly.

We all must play our part in helping slow the spread of the virus, so PLEASE practice social distancing.  Together, we can fight this.  Stay positive, healthy and kind to one another.

Dearest Clients,


I know many of you are feeling overwhelmed and afraid.  While we are in a time that I do believe needs to be taken very seriously, we do not need to feel scared.  Please remember, you are well resourced.  This too will pass.  Practice common sense first.  Be mindful of what you are consuming. Nourish your body with good food, connect how you are able to with loved ones and choose your consumption of information and news wisely.  And please …. wash your hands. :)


At this time, we are planning on keeping the Studio open, with some reduction in our hours.  As you are aware, we are a small Studio and the flow of people is always well managed so as to feel calm, however, we are further limiting the number of therapists available per shift so the Studio will have fewer people in it at one time. 


We already have daily cleaning practices in place as well as an outside cleaning company that takes care of the Studio and we are increasing our cleanliness practices and adhering to CDC guidelines.  To help ease any concerns, I have listed some of the practices below for you.


Please also know that as a very small business, your continued support is critical for the livelihood of our staff and keeping our doors open.  We are here to support you and ease your stress and worry in this challenging time.


Much love,

Jessika, Josh and the entire team at Sabai Body Temple




Protocol for Corona Virus at Sabai Body Temple


  • Upon arrival, all staff are required to immediately wash their hands before touching anything in the Studio.


  • Upon arrival, your therapist will greet you and politely ask you to wash your hands in the bathroom.


  • Therapists clean all surfaces in treatment rooms between each client with a CDC recommended surface cleaner, including the massage table, immediate floor area and benches, tables and light switches.


  • Our linens are washed in hot water with an extra rinse cycle and then dried with an Essential Oil blend that is antimicrobial and antiseptic.


  • All common area surfaces in the Studio will now be cleaned three times a day with a CDC recommended surface cleaner.  This includes tables in our Lounge, handles of our water pitchers, door handles, taps and flusher levers in the bathrooms, along with our point of sale area.


  • Treatment room bins will be emptied after every client so there are no used tissues left lying around.


  • Point of Sale system wiped down daily.  We will wipe the pen you use to sign your receipts and intake forms before every client.


  • We will be switching to paper cups for our tea and water.  We already wash our glasses thoroughly, but we don't have a dishwasher for sanitising purposes.


  • We have a cleaning company come in weekly and deep clean and sanitise the entire Studio.


  • We will be happy to waive our Rescheduling Fee during this time.  Please stay home if you are not feeling well.


  • Staff are required to stay home if they are not feeling well.


  • Additionally, we kindly ask you do not come into the Studio if you have traveled in the ten days preceding your reservation.

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