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Spinning Babies
Technique with Maple

Your Body is a Temple. Worship Yourself.


What is Spinning Babies?

Spinning Babies is an anatomically and emotionally informed approach to prenatal bodywork.

Just For Mamas

60 min. $105       90 min. $157

Your Massage Therapist blends a deeply relaxing and therapeutic session for you, relieving pressure on the lower back, caused by your growing baby, as well as attention to your tired arms, legs and shoulders. We offer a special pregnancy cushion allowing mama’s-to-be to lie comfortably and safely on their stomach during massage which can be adjusted to suit your body, or a selection of cushions and bolsters to have you rest comfortably in a side-lying position.

Choose 60 minutes and allow your Therapist to create either a focused massage on your areas of discomfort or a flowing head-to-toe relaxation experience.  A 90 min. massage includes either a heavenly, warm coconut oil head massage, relaxing foot massage or a little of both.  Whatever you need, Mama.

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